Hi! I’m Pauliina

My mission is to help entrepreneurs build their empires. But how did it become my vocation? There’s a story to it.


a passion to decrypt

When I graduated from university, my dream was to become a news journalist. I lived in Finland and dreamt of becoming a foreign correspondent in a French speaking country. In many ways, that is where I am now, 13 years later.

After graduation, my master’s in social sciences in hand, I found myself in magazines. Weeklies, monthlies, bi-monthlies; general, specialised, lifestyle, societal issues; I had it all covered. I loved specialising in well-being, health, nutrition, finance and working life. I found my passion in writing and editing texts. It was and still is where I feel at home.

I also tried my wings on the corporate side in a press agency job, where I learned how to manage multi-stakeholder projects, budgets and teams of freelancers. And no matter how hectic it was, I never missed a deadline.

Still, during those professionally fulfilling years, there was a nagging feeling that kept me in its grip. As if I wasn’t really in the right place. The  magazine world felt occasionally too fluffy, whilst on the other hand the agency world felt too hard.

It took me over 10 years, moving abroad and getting married, becoming a mum and reconsidering my priorities, until I was ready to admit that I needed a change. When I took  the step and launched my own business, I finally started feeling that I’m exactly where I want to be in the world.

I use my feature writing skills, my quick wit and personal writing style to create any content my clients need. I take my project management expertise and make it work for my clients so they can sleep better at night.  And I use the knowledge I gather from expert interviews to improve the quality of life of the readers (so that I can sleep at night, too).

And, though I am not officially a foreign correspondent, I do the same kind of a thing: decrypt foreign worlds and make them easily understandable for others. Break complicated issues into pieces that are small enough for the reader to digest. My topics do not cover politics (at least not that often), but I do work in French regularly.

This is my new vocation: Take bits and pieces from all of my experience and use that to create the best possible customer experience for my clients – for you.

My best qualities

  • Decrypting complex topics 100% 100%
  • writing in a compelling and personal style 100% 100%
  • managing the work of internal & external teams 100% 100%
  • finding right visuals to support the copy 100% 100%
  • helping you increase your sales through content marketing 100% 100%
  • growing your social media following 100% 100%
  • doing all that in English 100% 100%
  • and in French 100% 100%

“Collaboration with Pauliina is always effortless: she never misses deadlines, the content is always of high quality and it is just impossible not to get along with her!”

Anna Jalkanen

Producer, Aller Ideas

my proudest moments

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