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Articles for client magazines and expert interviews to your websites. I’m specialised in well-being, working life and entrepreneurship.


blog posts

Blogging is often a top priority in content marketing strategy. It helps to build expertise and loyal customers. Luckily I can do this for you.


social media content

Content strategy and excecution, all under the same roof. I plan and produce content for all channels; from visuals and texts to commenting and community management.


web content & newsletters

Copy to explain your services on your website or compelling newsletter storytelling? Let me tell your story through your newsletter.


strategy & project management

Communications without a proper strategy is like throwing spagetti on the wall and seeing what sticks. But not with me! I create your strategy and plan your content so that you only need to stick to the plan (or I can take care of that part, too). 

My best qualities

  • Decrypting complex topics 100% 100%
  • writing in a compelling and personal style 100% 100%
  • managing the work of internal & external teams 100% 100%
  • finding right visuals to support the copy 100% 100%
  • helping you increase your sales through content marketing 100% 100%
  • growing your social media following 100% 100%
  • doing all that in English 100% 100%
  • and in French 100% 100%

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