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One-on-one services

Tailor-made content and strategy to meet your highest expectations – delivered quickly and reliably.

Articles & blogs

Quality articles  provide added value to your clients and position your company as an industry expert. But creating quality content takes time.

In my hands, your products and client success stories turn into engaging pieces of content that attract even more customers behind your door.

In addition to articles, I can also handle your website copy, landing pages and newsletters. 

editing and ideation

Maybe you have an internal content creation team or your company’s experts can write articles and blog posts? It’s a great way to shine light on their expertise.¬†

In this case, you might need help with sharpening your viewpoints and finalising the texts. I can help you editing the good texts and taking them to the next level. You can combine your in-house expertise with professional quality of content.


Communication strategy is your roadmap that shows you where to go to get the results you want. The less resources you have, the more important strategy becomes, because you don’t have time to lose.

Together we’ll map out your key messages, audience and tone of voice. We’ll also create a content plan that saves you from a lot of stress. All that is left to do is to stick to the plan.

media relations

Media coverage brings notoriety and huge visibility. And yet too often your press releases seem to go unnoticed and journalists you contact never call back.

Building visibility takes time and strategy. As a former journalist I know the ins and outs of how media works and can help you create attention-grabbing press releases and get them in front of the right people.

project management

When you don’t have a big communications department, the easiest solution is often to hire freelancers for specific projects. But who manages budgets, deadlines and controls quality?

I can take in charge the whole project: from defining the goals and deliverables, finding the perfect freelancers, making sure that deadlines are met and costs stay in budget.

Ready to take that step?