Do you ever read other businesses’ About Me pages and just turn green with envy because they are so great? With these 6 simple steps you can perfect your own page as well!

This template helps you write your About Me page in 1 hour!

There are two things you should know about “About Me” pages: First of all, they are a huge traffic generator and more than half of your website visitors check yours out. So it’s a very important part of your site.

And second of all, many entrepreneurs underestimate the importance of this section and don’t put enough work in it.

But you’re not one of them, right? Check out these 6 simple steps to create a perfect About Me or About Us section for your homepage.

1. Share a story

This section doesn’t need to be long – but it needs to be captivating. And what’s the best way to capture a busy reader’s attention? Tell them a story.

Take a moment to think about what is your core story. What makes you and your business unique and sets you apart? Remember that we are now looking at things from a professional perspective, not personal. 

Some ideas to get you started:

  • What made you want to start your own business?
  • What is your own experience of the problem you are solving for your customer? Have you struggled with the same thing they are struggling with now?
  • Share a professional pivot that brought you to where you are now.

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2. Identify a hero and their obstacles

Which was your favorite children’s book when you were little? Go back to that for a while and have a look at the cast of characters. You’ll probably find a hero, who is going to solve a problem, a villain who tries to keep that from happening, and obstacles that the hero must overcome, over and over again.

Every story follows this dramatic arc and so should your About Me page. You, as an entrepreneur, are the hero. Obstacles are your stepping stones on your entrepreneurial path. The villain is the problem you have solved – and are now solving for your clients.

When drafting your first version, ask yourself:

  • What obstacles have I faced and overcome as an entrepreneur?
  • Which are the problems I’m solving for my customer?
  • How does this experience make me who I am today?

Coming soon!

How to turn every piece of content into a story? A new blog post coming soon. 

3. Write and rewrite

Give yourself time to write a few versions of your About Me page. This is a hard one, because you are writing about yourself and your personal experiences. It is normal for this process to feel uncomfortable. 

Write two or three different versions to see which themes and stories pop up. Which one feels the most relevant and authentic? If you’re not sure, ask your business partners or close friends to help you pick one. 

4. Be vulnerable

This is your professional story – but it needs to be a relatable one. So be vulnerable when sharing your misadventures and lessons learned. 

When you show your readers that you’ve managed to resolve the same problem they are facing, it also makes your solution more reliable. Just make sure you finish with a happy ending and show how your struggle made your product or service even better.

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5. Ask for feedback

Now your story should be more or less done, right? Show it to a couple of trusted friends or colleagues and ask them how they feel about it. You may want to ask them these questions:

  • How do they perceive you when they read the story?
  • Do they recognise you?
  • Does the text sound like you?

Polish it and let it go!

Then take a look at the details. Is every step of your text telling the same story? Leave out things that don’t support your core story. 

No, it’s not lying when you leave things out. It’s called editing. Leave only things that are relevant to your business and the story you have chosen to tell.

Share as many concrete details as possible in order to make your story tangible.

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