From post length to the etiquette of emojis, your LinkedIn dilemmas are now resolved.

How to create content that stands out on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has evolved a lot over the last few years, gathering more and more professionals and entrepreneurs under its roof. The growth and diversification have meant growing communities, more opportunities for businesses and new creative tools, like live events and newsletters. 

With more opportunities, however, also come more questions. How to make content stand out amidst intensified competition?

How to keep up with new content formats and tools that pop up like lice in the autumn among preschoolers?

You don’t need to make understanding LinkedIn your full-time job – but don’t hide under the table either, when a chance presents itself to grow your business or to speak about your work on the platform. 

I’ve collated some of my most popular LinkedIn How-to posts into LinkedIn Treasure Chest – a How-to library I’ll keep updating as new posts emerge.

Pick your favourite and blow your audience away!

How to Use the Carousel Format on LinkedIn?

Carousel format is one of the perks of LinkedIn. It lends itself well to several topics: from testimonials to tip posts to unpacking complex phenomena. 

To repurpose the same piece of content to other channels of your choice, think of creating a video or a series of visuals. 

How Long Is an Ideal LinkedIn Post?

How long is a piece of string – and how long should a LinkedIn post be? 

As often, there is not a “one size fits all” answer, but when you take into account these six things, making the decision will feel easier, even natural.

What to Do with a LinkedIn Company Page

Does every business need a LinkedIn company profile? Not necessarily. 

Still, there is more than one way to use this tool that allows even small brands to build their audience and business. 

Check out five ways to make the most of company profiles on LinkedIn.

Do Emojis Belong to LinkedIn posts?

You’ve probably got it by now: I’m not going to answer simply “Yes” or “No” to this question either. 

But I will give you three pros, and in the name of balance, three cons, so you can decide this one for yourself. 

How to Create More LinkedIn Content Faster?

With AI!

No, I’m just kidding.

AI might help, but to look at the topic from a different angle, I’m hosting a LinkedIn content creation webinar in October. The date is to be announced, but you can already pre-register below and be the first to know when the date is published.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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