Don’t let a short break destroy your marketing efforts…

Join the Content Challenge!

A short break from social media and content marketing surely won’t ruin your business…

Or will it?

The break is not the problem…

Getting back on the right track is!

This Content Challenge is for you, if…

• You’re worried a marketing break will affect your sales.

• Getting back to a content publishing routine feels hard.

• You want to get back on track quickly!

• You want to reconnect with your audience.

• You want to keep growing your business through quality content.

Content Challenge helps you hit the ground running after a well-deserved break!

You’ll create content that generates more quality leads and grows your business – as if you’d never been away. 

The Challenge is filled with…


You’ll receive a daily content prompt to avoid creative blocks and create content more quickly.



We’ll gather together in focused co-working sessions to beat procrastination and get results. 


You’ll get advice on how to update your content marketing strategy so your content helps you win more clients.


We’ll cheer each other on to make sure everyone feels like a winner!

Hi, I’m Pauliina – Your Content Creation Cheerleader

I’ve been working with content and messaging for 20 years – as a journalist, corporate communications specialist, and copywriter.

For me, writing is second nature and I have the luxury of working on what I love.

However, when I speak with business owners and communications professionals, I often hear that many of them struggle to find time for writing, editing and other forms of content creation. Procrastination tends to take over and it’s hard to produce quality work in a hurry. 

That is one reason why I created this Content Challenge: to offer you inspiration, curated advice and focused space to create quality content that grows your business!

Uplevel your social media game and never lose another follower to competition again.

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