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well done!

Congratulations on completing your Roxbourg seminar and taking the first steps to build a communication strategy that will grow your business.

On this page, I have gathered some bonus tools that ensure you will gain momentum and start seeing results.

Download your Impact Communication Toolkit now and turn your vision into reality!

Thanks for joining my seminar!

It was a pleasure to meet you and spend this time with you. 

I know we covered a lot – and just in case you missed the introductions, here’s a quick recap.

I’m Pauliina, and I have 15+ years of experience in journalism, PR and corporate communications. Thanks to that experience, I learned a trick or two about drafting a message that gets attention and converts.

However, using all that insight to only serve corporations didn’t seem like a fulfilling mission to me. That’s why I pivoted my business and now I focus on supporting small businesses with mighty missions with their conquest of the world.

I’m passionate about sharing my best and proven tips with mission-driven entrepreneurs – so that you can grow your business and make a bigger impact on the world.

But I do need something from you, too! Download your Impact Communication Toolkit below and put the tools in use. This is your chance to make a difference!

your toolkit includes


cheat sheet

Forgot something? The cheat sheet resumes the most important steps of building an impactful communication strategy.

calendar template

Start planning your content and operations wit the help of this neat and organised editorial calendar template.


additional resources

Further reading and additional resources help you take the next steps and communicate your impact even more powerfullly.

Have questions?

Want more customized support?

If you have questions about anything we covered – or you just want to run your strategy by me – schedule a 1:1 call with me.

During the call, we can talk about your goals and the best ways to reach them and map out the next steps for you to take on your journey to success.

Hear it from happy clients –

this is how a communication strategy can help you!

“Pauliina’s support is great for early-stage start-ups. Communication is key. Even when you have a great startup idea or project, if you can get your message across to your audience while adding value for them, the right people will never hear from it.”

Simone Köchli

Project & Community Management, Loopi

Pauliina is a no nonsense leader who is both clear in her guidance and extremely professional. Besides all the valuable communications strategies, her support gave me confidence to follow my own vision with my brand.”

Riikka Olli

CEO & Founder, Style Uncoded

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