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Pro tips and tools to manage your communications independently.

Enrollment for Communication Booster is now open! In just four weeks, you’ll create a communication plan that is super easy to put into action. 

You will know with complete clarity where to show up, which content actually improves your business and how to create that content effortlessly and professionally – with a small team and budget. 

In addition to pre recorded lessons, you’ll have access to live Q&A webinars with me and we can customise your plan together.

Join now: doors close on May 31st.

Have you ever dreamt that content creation could be effortless and stress-free? That you could have content in stock for weeks to come, instead of putting something together quickly the night before yout deadline?

This workshop will transform your content creation! You will learn tools and tactics used by professional content creation teams and implement them in your work. At the end, you will walk out with a content plan for the next 6 months – ready to be implemented without stress and overwhelm.

It’s time to take that unfinished text draft from your desk drawer, dust it off, finish it and get it published!

This workshop walks you through 10 simple steps that allow you to take your text to the next level and finish it. We work on your unfinished draft and you’ll get plenty of personnalised feedback and tips to improve your writing. 

tailor-made workshops

You already have a brilliant team that can create all the content you need. A tailored workshop helps them sharpen their skills even more.

Workshops cover content planning, writing, text finishing, corporate blogging and media relations. The content as well as the length can be tailored to meet your needs and expectations.

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