Do you want to create content that sells – quickly and easily?

This workshop is for you!

Is 2022 going to be the year when you…

• Grow  your audience?

•  Serve your clients even better than before?

  Turn more adoring fans into paying clients?

  Take your business to the next level?

 Quality Content can help you reach all these goals.

But content creation  can also end up swallowing a huge chunk of your time.

It’s known to cause a lot of stress and gray hair, without much results to show in the end. 

Join the first group and make sure your content rocks in 2021!


The “Rock Your Content in 2022” workshop takes place on Tuesday, December 14 at 9:30-12:30 (CET). Sign up and plan content for a whole year in just one morning. 


In this half-day workshop you will…

update your content strategy

Ensure your content attracts your audience’s attention and turns them into paying clients.

Learn my 5-step signature system

Write with a smile on your face. The 5-step planning systems makes content creation quick & fun!

Plan your content for the year

In the end of the workshop, you’ll have a content plan for the whole year – ready to be implemented. 

In addition, you’ll also get…

An editorial calendar template to simplify your content planning


Personalised support in a small group, during and after the workshop

constructive feedback and fresh inspiration from other participants

Early bird discount of 25 % if you sign up by december 3rd

I’ll help you make 2022 your year!

Hi, I’m Pauliina!

I’ve been working with content and messaging for over 15 years, first as a journalist, then as corporate communications and PR specialist. 

Throughout my career I’ve focused on finding the words and point of views that attract the audience’s attention and nudges them in the right direction. 

Now, in my own business, I distill my passion for storytelling and experience in content creation to help ambitious businesses to get their message across in the digital world, to connect with new clients and grow even faster.

early birds save 25 %


Book your place before December 3rd to benefit from the Early Bird discount – but hurry, the number of places is limited.


This is how content planning can benefit your business!

“Thanks to Pauliina’s advice, I have a clear content plan and can create content more quickly. Even when things get busy, I’m not stressed!”

Elody de Brito

Communications Lead, SINGA Switzerland

“Social media always felt like a huge set of massive swimming pools – and I didn’t know how to swim! Working with Pauliina has given me the tools I need not only to dip my toes in, but to swim with ease and grace.”

Rylla Resler

Founder & Yoga Instructor, Rylla Yoga

“I was struggling to address my dream audience and instead I was trying to please everyone. Jumping from one project to another without getting results! Pauliina helped me clarify my communication and find my unique voice.”

Titi Usan

CEO & Founder, TS Home Decor

“Having no background in communication and marketing, I was unsure about what kind of content to publish. Now it’s very clear to me and I have my content created for the next two weeks!”

Camille Burki

CEO & Founder, ESSCODE Studio

Don't yell alone in the empty halls of social media!


Join the “Rock Your Content in 2022” workshop and plan content
that gets clients line up behind your door.


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